Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tool and Die Quotes and Sayings

Machinists are famous for making everything we use or the parts that make the things we use... but only slightly less know for their quotes and colorful phrases.  Terms like screw, tailstock, ball, butt and nuts are common. So here are some of the quotes that have come out of the tool and die trade, enjoy!

A machinist is a man that washes his hands before and after he pees.

Last week I couldn't spell Machinist now I are one!

"Machinist's do it accurately"

Machinists do it "round and round" and "up and down.

"Happiness is a good tight screw".

Your car cost $40,000, So What, My machine cost $150,000 and it will make car parts.

If you Break it We can Make.

I worked my whole life as a Machinist, and all I got was Dead Nuts!

May the laws of physics be with you

You can always tell a good Master machinist, They still have all of there fingers!

It can be done three ways:
You only get to pick two of the three
If it is done GOOD and FAST it can't be CHEAP.
If it is done GOOD and CHEAP it can't be FAST.
IF it is done FAST and CHEAP it can't be GOOD.

"He who does not specify what he wants, deserves what he gets."


I am a Machinist. My ability to create is limited only by you inability to envision.

GOD must've been a Machinist with a killer piece of stock.

I am a Machinist. I didn't envision, plan, or design this part. But if you leave me alone long enough, I'll make it work.

The Hindenburg and the Titanic. Don't blame the Machinists. We just make whatever the Enigneers design.

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