Monday, August 27, 2012

Types of Die Makers


Die makers make everything from carbide dies to steel dies, OK, that's not a very wide range but they basically make dies and dies basically make everything else in the manufacturing world. But what are they like you may be wondering? What is a machinist and what is a die maker? Well there are several types.

The Old Pro....
Almost always old. They have long hair on their limbs, necks and ears that help warn them when they are getting to close to a machine. It's a safety thing. These are the best machinists out there but a large sub group of them suffers from grumpiness.

The Hot Shot...
These are the guys with the ruby tipped indicators, they think they are the best and think they know it all. Usually wearing sun glasses for eye protection these guys make claims to being the quickest, best die makers / machinists this side of what ever river they are around. However, there track record shows they make more scrap than the old pro. The Hot Shot could eventually evolve into the better all around old pro, but they are just as likely to get a gold chain stuck in a gear and be ground chuck.

The Noob...
These guys are the Green Horns. They lack experience and they now it. Look to your left and look to your right, only one of you will still be here in two years! However, these Noobs are valuable, if they aren't total turds, for they are our future. Embrace them fellow machinist, these will be the guys making the dies that make the shafts on your wheelchairs... Wheelchairs that don't roll right just plain suck so, for the future of US manufacturing and for the future of our mobility let's train them well!

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