Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tinkering your way to a Tool Shop Empire!!!

Here are several more arch-type tinkerers. The first one is an arcane tinkerer; in fantasy worlds they build the gadgets. Zeppelins and golems would be more up their alley then building carbide dies and tooling. The next tinkerer is called the "Mad tinkerer" and he is an enemy of Spiderman. This tinkerer uses his skills to make armies of robots, or something like that. The third and final tinkerer is Steve Jobs, Steve was one of the founders of Apple and famously tinkered in his garage to make the first Apple computer.

So, the next time you’re doing some grinding and your table stops (hydrollics?) or you jam your lathe, think of your favorite tinkerer and have fun with this opportunity... or just grumble and cuss and get to work, both ways work just fine but the spirit of the tinkerer is still with in yee.

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